The Traveling Bite Chews Florence, Italy

Larissa and I have a unique opportunity in that we are both studying abroad in Florence, Italy this fall.  Prior to this, both of us have traveled to several different places with our families and documented our food journey’s along the way.  While in Florence, we plan to travel all over Europe embracing ourselves in a multitude of different food cultures.


When asked why we chose to study abroad in Italy, our answer was very simple, the food.  We wanted to learn how to eat like a local, find the best pizza, eat the best gelato, and taste the finest wines.  Throughout this article we will provide you with some inside tips on our daily eating habits in Florence, Italy.


For breakfast, Italians tend to stand and eat a small breakfast in a cafe.  When we first arrived in Italy we were shocked at how many cafes there were.  But, soon it became our normal routine to stand at a bar style counter with locals lined all along it and enjoy our first meal of the day. Typically our daily breakfast in Italy is a croissant or other small pastry and cappuccinos.  How could we forget about them?  Some of our favorite breakfast spots include:

  • Cafe Mario
  • Cafe La Posta
  • L’ ok


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After breakfast make sure you take some time to sight-see around the beautiful city of Florence. Some of the main sights you should visit are:

  • Santa Maria Croce
  • Duomo Cathedral
  • Uffizi Gallery
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Before you know it, it will be time for lunch.  In Italy, sandwiches – aka panini – are the hottest craze.  One of our favorite activities is to head to one of the famous paninis stands to feel just like a local.  Here are some of the best of the best.

  •  All'Antico Vinaio
  • Florence I Fratellini
  • Schiacciavino
  • Pinos
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Once 7:00 pm hits, we enjoy to partake in the very Italian tradition of aperitivo.  For those who don’t know, aperitivo is simply having light snacks and an appetite-stimulating drink before dinner.  Aperitivo can either be buffet-style or simply just appetizers that can be ordered from the menu. Typical aperitivo foods to order would be crostini at Fiaschetteria Nuvoli, finger panini like the ones at Procacci, a few slices of cured meats and cheeses from a wine bar, nuts, tramezzini bites and some potato chips.  At 7:00 you can find us at:

  • Pitti Gola e Cantina
  • Gecko Bar & Grill
  • Langolino Gastrobar Firenze
  • Hemingway
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For dinner head to a trattoria or a local restaurant that serves Florentine and Tuscan specials. One of the most famous dinner dishes in Florence is the bistecca alla Fiorentina.  For a unique Tuscan pasta make sure to try “pici”, which is a thick spaghetti noodle that is typically served with ragu or seasonal mushrooms. Some of our favorite dinner spots include:

  • Gustapizza
  • Trattoria Za Za
  • La Grotta  Guelfa
  • Il Teatro Ristorante Pizzeria
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When making dinner we get all of our fresh ingredients at the Mercato Centrale. The market was built in 1874 and is run by artisanal traders who share a passion for food.  There are stands for bread and confectionary, fruits and vegetables, meats and salamis, cheeses, fish, fresh pasta, wine, and spices.



Last but certainly not least is dessert. With hundreds of bakeries and gelato shops around it is hard to not have dessert every night! Most nights you can find us walking the streets of Florence with a gelato in hand. If you’re out late make sure to sniff your way to the Secret Bakery. That’s right there are secret bakeries hidden all over Florence that open at 2am every morning and are a must have.


  • Gino’s Pastry
  • La Carraia
  • Gelateria
  • Don Nino
  • Secret Bakery
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About authors:

My name is Larissa. I am a student at Fairfield University, studying psychology and behavioral neuroscience.  I enjoy to travel especially in search of the best food places.  Food and travel brings me much joy.  I love to meet people when I travel, learn their recipes, eat in their restaurants and wander their streets.  When not wandering, I can be found in my kitchen cooking locally inspired recipes or in a restaurant/wine bar.


My name is Sarah.  I also attend Fairfield University where I study marketing and finance.  I have a passion for all things food!  Although I enjoy cooking, I have a love for baking.  I definitely have the sweet tooth! Whether I’m traveling or home you can always count on me to find the sweets.  That’s why Larissa and I make the perfect dynamic duo.  Since both of us have a deep passion for making, baking, and of course eating food, we decided to create a food blog together.